Beto Gonzalez Campos

Multicultural Leader and Graduate Researcher in Cleveland, Estados Unidos

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Nickname: Beto Gonzalez /BE-toh GAHN-za-luhz/

Pronouns: He/His/Him

Hola! My full name is Jose Alberto Gonzalez Campos, but almost all my friends and colleagues on campus call me Beto. I am a Mexican International Engineering student at CWRU. My interests range from Mexican Soccer to Salsa/Bachata Dancing. I am also a Star Wars, Batman, and Breaking Bad fan. Aviation is my passion, and what inspired me to be an engineer.

Due to this passion for aircraft, I am pursuing my B.S/M.S in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. The MechE to learn how to be a full-hardcore engineer and the Aero to learn how to build, design, and fly airplanes; great decision to have both backgrounds (though, #TeamNoSleep). Combining the two areas, I started to research Wind Turbines, specifically the Vertical type (spin around the z-axis, "spiral" looking). I got hooked up in the aerodynamics and the blade design configuration. Thus, I got interested in other forms of renewable energy systems and the sustainability involved along the way. (Thus, me being a ThinkEnergy Fellow).

During my college career, I developed personal interests:

+ Thermal-fluid sciences, flight mechanics, and dynamics, as well as control.

+ Rapid prototype and design.

+ Diversity and inclusion initiatives.

+ Accessibility to resources for minority STEM students through the CWRU Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers Chapter. I worked as President and Vice President of External Affairs, pushing forward our mission of making sure more Hispanic graduate higher education, inside our SHPE Familia!

+ Latinx empowerment and advocacy, through La Alianza, the Latino cultural group on-campus.

+ How to be a proactive and useful engineer. (that is why I study abroad in south India this past Summer 2016).

+ Latin music dancing (either Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, (but mostly salsa)).

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[Pictures above tell my story at CWRU from 2014-2018]

  • Education
    • Case Western Reserve University