Beto Gonzalez Campos

Multicultural Leader and Graduate Researcher in Cleveland, Estados Unidos

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[Pictures above tell my story at CWRU from 2014-2018]

Nickname: Beto Gonzalez /BE-toh GAHN-za-luhz/

Pronouns: He/His/Him

Hola! Thank you for wanted to know more about me! My full name is Jose Alberto Gonzalez Campos. For simplification, almost all my friends and colleagues on campus call me Beto (nickname of my middle name). I am an international student from Monterrey, Mexico, at CWRU since 2014. I consider myself an introvert and extrovert at the same time. While I enjoy going out with friends and public speaking, I recharge myself by focusing on my work and having some alone time. I can be a leader and a follower, and I am comfortable being both. I enjoy learning about stuff that I do not know, eager to explore new topics from any field of study. For me, I will be successful only if I am constantly enriching my human capital. I am a firm believer that interpersonal development is much more important than any science or technological advancement. I will always work hard, display my best self, and keep moving forward no matter what.

My interests range from fluid mechanics to political comedy to soccer. I am a huge Star Wars and Batman fan, as well as an avid salsa dancer (watch me dance here and here). Aviation is my passion, and it inspired me to be an engineer. One that could solve complex systems and discover innovative ways to fix any problem in nature. I recently got interested in the energy field, specifically wind turbines. I think they have a huge potential in transforming our exiting electrical grid and the offshore renewable market.

Likewise, I am continuously looking for opportunities to learn more about others, listening to their stories, and understanding where they are coming from. I like to be part of social, diversity, and inclusion initiatives in my community. As such, I got involved in multiple Latino organizations, like La Alianza, the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE), and the CWRU Latino Alumni Network. They have helped me grow as a person and understand my essence, heritage, and strengths. Overall, I like to match my engineering expertise to a place or field that is useful to society, like when I study abroad in South India (look at my presentation here).

As a future engineering professional, I am looking forward to exploring new areas that interested me, as well as continue to change myself and the community around me positively. I will always give back, no matter what.

  • Education
    • Case Western Reserve University